The Officiant makes it feel more official

We met with our wedding officiant this weekend. ( We were shown a big book of wedding ceremony’s broken down by section such as opening, ring exchange, vows, couple interludes, etc.  We sat… Continue reading

David’s Bridal: Why we will not step foot inside again

We wanted to look at the Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal. We thought it would be fun to both be in Vera Wang. But we were not prepared for the blatant disrespect… Continue reading


I’m reclaiming this!

Yes I have an organized color binder, don’t you?

Last Friday night, we were sitting at home around 8:30pm and I jumped off the couch proclaiming “WE NEED TO GO TO OFFICE DEPOT!”. We ran out the door on this urgent manner.… Continue reading

Wedding Cake

At first, I was totally against having a wedding cake. It was too traditional, too normal. I would need a gluten free cake which is always more expensive than the regular gluten-filled ones.… Continue reading



Find me!


Valet Parking

I feel both sophisticated and annoyed that we had to order valet parking for our venue. But, I did find a company that was able to stay within budget and was fine with… Continue reading

And the groom wore Vera Wang

My best man and I showed up at Men’s Warehouse looking to see the new tuxes under Vera Wang’s new Black collection. They were fierce. We didn’t want to look at anything else.… Continue reading


Caterers We have decided to go with Eco Catering as they are very modern groom friendly. I did most of the e-mailing from the start and our rep did not even question it.… Continue reading


The first step in our wedding planning was choosing the venue. We wanted something that captured our unique experience. Something that moved far from the traditional spectrum.  My fiancee came across a post… Continue reading