David’s Bridal: Why we will not step foot inside again

We wanted to look at the Vera Wang collection at David’s Bridal. We thought it would be fun to both be in Vera Wang. But we were not prepared for the blatant disrespect they gave this modern groom.  The sales associated assigned to us was very shocked to see that I would be coming along to see the dresses and to watch my bride try them on. After the initial tour of the store, it was time to pick out the dresses to try on.  The associate tried to give me some color swatches to amuse me with as her and the bride went along the store picking out ones to try on. This did not work for me. I was not a groom that wanted to sit on the sidelines– why else would I have showed up.  She had to check with her a few times to make sure it was okay. I wanted to see the dresses myself, help pick out the ones we had predetermined to be our favorite and of course see how they looked. It dawned on me that the associate probably thought I was one of those horrible men who was controlling his woman.  “You can’t shop at David’s Bridal without being on my very short leash”.  YUCK. That was not me, but it was exactly how I felt.  I had to reclaim this for the modern groom. Yes I know what designers make the best dresses. I know what couture means. I know what an A-line versus a Mermaid vs. a Flit and Flair style.  So why shouldn’t I be allowed to help choose the dress. My bride said it best “He’s the only one in the room I’ll be wearing it for and his opinion matters most.”  We will not be allowing David’s Bridal any of our money. We’ll be shopping at stores that are friendly to the modern groom!