The Officiant makes it feel more official

We met with our wedding officiant this weekend. (

We were shown a big book of wedding ceremony’s broken down by section such as opening, ring exchange, vows, couple interludes, etc.  We sat with grease pencils and went through picking phrases, words, passages that stood out to us to be included during our ceremony.  While reading through the sections, the wedding became more real and more meaningful.

Sometimes it seems very easy to get caught up in the party aspect of the wedding– will the food taste good, will we have enough to drink, will the DJ play the best songs at the best time. But the officiant meeting, reading over the words that will be used to marry my bride and I. That really served as a reminder that the main focus is of our love and our marriage together. I’m so thankful we found someone who will create us a personal ceremony without having us bring in any bible verses or church stuff!